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Raw Power is the album by the famous rock band of America, known as The Stooges. It was actually the third album of rock band, The Stooges which was released in February, 1973. It is significant to know about the album, Raw Power by Stooges that it failed to achieve the commercial success. Although, the Raw Power album belonged to hard rock and protopunk genre, still it was largely ignored upon its release, which also became a main reason behind the break up of the rock band known as The Stooges. A few years later after the album Raw Power was not received well in the market, its releasing band broke and went up into the obscurity.

However, a good thing about Raw Power was that it was received well by a small, fan-base which included various numbers of young musicians who contributed a lot in creating a punk rock genre in the mid- to late-1970s. They worked hard and were able to taste commercial success, resulting in transforming the album, Raw Power one of the most significant proto-punk documents of its era. This resulted in making Raw Power a successful and one of greatest albums of it6s time. An important piece of info about Raw Power is that it is ranked number 125 on the Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

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