Response To Raw Power

Initial response to Raw Power album was not very impressive. It was the third album by the rock band group known as The Stooges. It was also known as a protopunk group which was led by the lead singer Iggy Pop who integrated scat singing, in the form of vocal extemporation and screaming, into their record albums called Raw Power.

There is actually an Iggy Pop song called Raw Power, with an obvious punk message, also existing in other Stooges and solo songs, such as Search and Destroy and passion. The sales figures of the album were quite bad and they were clearly indicating that the public response to Raw Power was quite weak. With weak sales of the raw power album, the album was able to peak at number 182 on Billboard's Pop Albums chart. Despite getting a bad initial response to album Raw Power, the group The Stooges didn’t stopped and continued its tour and performed at concerts for about a year, however the company which had a contract with them dropped their contract and that resulted in The Stooges break up.

Many experts believe that the reason behind such a bad initial response to Raw Power was that the album which was of hard rock and protopunk genre was quite an ugly album for the masses. The album which consisted of eight songs acted as a blueprint for punk with a combination of sound, fury and chaos.

Raw Power is a defiantly considered an ugly album and that being the major factor helped getting weak response to Raw Power album by the American rock band The Stooges. The cover of the album itself showed its singer Iggy Pop as a made-up rock mannequin and he was also bare-chested and coolly defiant, against a plain black background. There was no title on the cover that of the album that got poor public response. Moreover, the other major things that played a role in getting poor public response to Raw Power were that artist names were missing from the cover of the album. Since, it was considered as either a willfully anti-commercial move or an egotistical vanity, however unfortunately, given the state of Iggy's mind at the time, it was more of egotistical vanity.