Raw Power Legacy

Raw power legacy is quite strong in spite of the fact that this album by the rock band The Stooges was not very well received by the public. It is a well known fact that the Raw Power album got a very weak initial response that also led to the break up of the band. However, its reputation grew immensely in the coming years and the album's volume and viciousness served as benchmarks against which later albums were measured. Thus, we see that such an interesting story is behind the birth of legacy associated with Raw Power album.

In the year 2003, the Raw Power album was featured in the Rolling Stone Magazine in the list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. It got ranking of 125 on Rolling Stone magazine's list if greatest hits of all times.

In order to describe the legacy of Raw Power Album, we take in to account the reviews of all-time favorite singers and musicians. Well known singer and guitarist Kurt Cobain who is a member of famous grunge band called Nirvana wrote in his Journals numerous times about this album in high words. He wrote that the Raw Power album was his favorite album of all time. Another well known personality from the field of music, Johnny Marr of The Smiths has also expressed that Rae Power as his favorite album. The album Raw Power legacy further personified with Henry Rollins got the words ‘Search and Destroy’ tattooed across his shoulder blades. In the same pursuit, there was a Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols who also said during an interview that he got to learn how to play guitar by taking speed and playing along to Raw Power.

Idea about the legacy associated with Raw Power can be easily taken from the fact that many of the low-fidelity copies of Pop's original mixes were circulated among fans for many years after its release.