Members Of Raw Power Album

This article provides a brief introduction of all the members of Raw Power album. There are total of four members of Raw Power album, the info about whom is given below along with the function they perform.

• Iggy Pop is the member of Raw Power album who takes care of vocals of the songs.

• James Williamson is the member of Raw Power album who takes care of guitars.

• Ron Asheton was the member of Raw Power album who used to take care of bass and backing vocals.

• Scott Asheton is the member of Raw Power album who takes care of drums.

Here is some more information about the album Raw Power members. Lets us take a look:

Iggy Pop, the main member of Raw Power album performs various roles. He is basically an American singer and also performs as a songwriter, musician, and occasional actor. He is regarded as the prominent innovator of punk rock, hard rock, and other styles of rock music.

James Robert Williamson is also an American and is a guitarist for the Raw Power. He is also in to song writing and acts as a record producer best known for his contribution to the protopunk rock band Iggy & the Stooges. He joined the band in the year 1971 when the band was going through a real bad phase struggling with drug problems and a lack of commercial success.

Ronald Frank Asheton was an American guitarist and he wrote lyrics along with Iggy Pop for the rock band The Stooges. Asheton is ranked as number 29 on Rolling Stone's list of 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time. He died on January 6, 2009, apparently because of heart attack.

Scott Asheton is an American musician, and a member of Raw Power album. He is famously known as a drummer for the rock band The Stooges. Other than Iggy Pop, Asheton is the only consistent member of the Stooges since the death of his brother, guitarist Ron Asheton, in 2009.