Raw Power Recording Credits

This article presents a comprehensive review regarding the Raw Power recording credits. The recording credits for Raw Power review comprises of a list of those who contributed in making of all the versions of the Raw Power album along with other useful details. Let us get started with the review with taking a look at the original album Raw Power recording credits and then gradually moving on to other versions.

Raw Power recording credits for original album 1973 version: The original version of the album raw Power was released in the year 1973. It was recorded at the CBS Studios in London. The credits for mixing go to David Bowie, who mixed the album songs at the Western Sound, Hollywood.

Raw Power recording credits for the 1997 remix version: The remixed version of the album raw Power hits the market in 1997. This 1997 reissue was produced and remixed by Iggy Pop at Sony Studios, New York.

Bruce Dickinson was given the recording credits for Raw Power as he was the Executive Producer for the 1997 version.

Raw Power recording credits for the 2010 remix version: In 2010, the remastered version of original album with recording credits for mixing going to David Bowie along with a disc containing unreleased live songs and sound checks. Then another version of the album got released as a deluxe edition consisting of four CDs, one 7", a booklet and a pack of photo prints. This album version was third and final album for the influential band. It consisted the until-now-out-of-print David Bowie mix and a live CD of the 1973 performance at the Atlanta rock club, Richards. A deluxe edition is also includes a DVD and a CD of outtakes, rare tracks, and alternate versions of songs.

Here is the summary of the Album Raw Power recording credits for the final version that came into market as a final album of their rock band.

The Recording credits for Raw Power album record label goes to Sony Legacy. The genre of the album is Rock, Punk. The rock band, The Stooges got the credit as Primary Artist for the album, Raw Power. Given below is the list featuring individuals who got the Raw Power recording credits for contributing towards the making of the 2010 remix version of the album along with their role in doing so.

• The Stooges: Main Performer
• James Williamson: Guitar, Vocals
• Mick Rock: Photography
• Danny Kadar: Mixing
• Ron Asheton: Vocals, Bass, Guitar
• Scott Asheton: Drums
• Iggy: Performer
• David Bowie: Mixing
• Iggy Pop: Vocals, Main Performer, Mixing, Performer, Producer