Covers Of Raw Power Album

There have been frequent covers of Raw Album as its songs have been regularly remixed or revamped. Before moving ahead with the discussion about the covers of Raw Power album, it would be good idea to describe here briefly what does a cover for an album means. It would be quite beneficial for those who don’t understand what does a cover for a musical album mean.

Well, in popular musical vocabulary a cover version of an album or a song or just a cover stands for a new performance or recording of a previously recorded song which has also been released in the market and has been quite a popular song. The cover song can sometimes possesses a derogatory or uncomplimentary meaning implying that the original recording must be considered as the authoritative or authentic version, and all others versions or the covers should be considered as lesser competitors, alternatives or tributes no matter how popular they become.

Coming back to our topic of Raw Power covers, as discussed earlier there have been so many frequent Raw Power album covers. The major covers of Raw Power album includes the songs such as the Dictators', Red Hot Chili Peppers', The Dead Boys's, Shotgun Messiah's, Def Leppard's cover of ‘Search and Destroy’, Guns N' Roses's cover of ‘Raw Power’ featuring title track on The Spaghetti Incident and Ewan McGregor covering "Gimme Danger" for the film Velvet Goldmine, a movie telling the story of a character based around David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust during the 1970s which is considered as a glamorous rock era.

One of the covers of Raw Power featuring the song ‘Gimme Danger’ was covered by Frank Black for the game named as the Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2. on the cover of the album, search and Destroy by Emanuel there also appeared a soundtrack to Tony Hawk's American Wasteland. Apart from this, the Raw Power covers also featured album's namesake track ‘Raw Power’ that was performed by Romeo Delta in Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty.