Recording History Of Raw Power

Talking about the album Raw Power the album by the rock band, The Stooges was released in February 1973. The recording history of Raw Power is that its recording was done during the time period of September 10 to October 6, 1972 at CBS Studios, Whitfield Street in London.

Here are few significant details related with the recording history of album Raw Power which would definitely help you gain in-sight into and add to your knowledge about the Raw Power recording history. Let us take a look:

The Raw Power which was of hard rock and protopunk album by the rock band The Stooges was actually third album in the market. The first two albums were The Stooges which came in the year 1969 and second being the Fun House which came in the year 1970. The album Raw Power failed to get commercial success and which led to the break up of the group.

Post the breakup of the group, its lead singer Iggy Pop who had signed on as a solo artist to MainMan Management, which also managed British singer David Bowie. The band was in real bad position and since the rock band had officially broken up, the bassist of the group was going through a tough phase and was fighting alcoholism. As far as singer Iggy Pop's was concerned, his heroine addiction was increasing before David Bowie intervened. Despite all the problematic time in the recording history of Raw Power by The Stooges, the singer Iggy was determined to reunite all the group members of the group, The Stooges.

After this, Iggy was signed up by Columbia Records and later on he was able to produce two songs named as ‘Search and Destroy’ and ‘Shake Appeal’. Both of these songs were released as singles.