Remix Of Raw Power Album

The remix of Raw Power was released after Iggy Pop, the main singer of the group The Stooges got an invitation from Columbia Records in the year 1997 to remix the complete album to be re-released on a CD this time.

Talking about the invitation for releasing the remix of Raw Power album, Iggy Pop says in the liner notes that if he had declined this offer of Raw Power remix, them the Columbia Records would definitely had opted for the Stooges Raw Power remix version without his blessings.

There were various reasons which convinced Iggy Pop to ho ahead with the remix of Raw Power as proposed by the Columbia Records. He mentioned that the continuous support and encouragement from the loyal fan base and peers, the existence of Rough Power, his own dislike for how the original 1989 CD release of Raw Power sounded, and the fact that Columbia were going to release the new mix on its sub label Legacy Recordings as the main reasons that pursued him to go through with the new Raw Power remix.

There were many fans who were not happy with the idea of releasing remix of Raw Power. Among the hostile fans there was famous guitarist Robert Quine who opposed the idea of getting a new remix of Raw Power album. They were of the opinion that the new remix of Raw Power album was as unfaithful to the material as compared to the original Raw Power album of 1973 mi and they also criticized the audible digital distortion which was there in the in the new Stooges Raw Power remix version. In the reissued version of album that was released on a CD's, in the liner notes however, Pop makes it clear that one of his intentions in doing the new mix was to keep audio levels in the red that would intentionally cause such distortion whereas at the same time making the music more powerful and listenable. This remix of Raw Power seemed to be arguably the loudest album ever, reaching RMS of -4 dB, which are rare to achieve even by today's standards.